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    Ceramic Zodiac Mugs Earth Elements $14.00 Price View Details Ceramic Zodiac Mugs Air Elements $14.00 Price View Details Ceramic Zodiac Mugs Fire Elements $14.00 Price View Details Take Flight Water Bottle $12.00 Price View Details Ceramic Zodiac Mugs Water Elements $14.00 Price View Details Ursa Major Ceramic Mug $14.00 Price View Details Travel Pillows $18.00 Price View Details

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    Ursa Major The Big Dipper is actually just part of a bigger constellation called Ursa Major, or the Great Bear. In Greek mythology, the God Zeus had fallen in love with the maiden Callisto, and got her pregnant. When the child was born, as revenge, Zeus' wife Hera turned Callisto into a bear. Callisto wandered the forest for years in bear form, until a by chance meeting with her son, Arcas, who at that moment raised his spear to strike at the bear. Zeus stepped in, grabbed both Callisto and her son and threw them into the heavens. Callisto as the Great Bear and Arcas as Bootes the Herdsman or Ursa Minor - Little Bear - depending on the story Purchase Self taught Seattle Artist, inspired by nature, intertwined with fantasy Upcoming Shows Looking to add some color to your Business ? feel free to contact me about showcasing my art. Let’s chat ShippingProcess ​ all purchased items are packaged with the customer in mind. Gloves are worn at all times and all packaging stations are sanitized thoroughly I nstagram Share HOME ABOUT SHOP ORIGINALS GALAXY PRINTS ZODIAC PRINTS GEO PRINTS CANVAS PRINTS STICKERS HOME GOODS GALLERY Gradient Art Gallery All Products Search Results

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    Mena Aklilu masstudiio I was born in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. I found myself like many foreigners coming to America in search of a better life. My work depicts the very nature of what it means to dream. Intertwining two worlds to create one, I have defied nature and weaved the impossible. As a child I used my passion for art to escape to far away places, and through time found a connection to the world around me. There are no limits to what medium I may dive into but acrylic, watercolor, and paint pens tend to be my go to's. As a self taught Artist I have beat the odds against me, and am living proof that anything is possible, as long as you set your mind to it. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions Thanks for submitting! Submit

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