Lemures in Ancient Rome were actually hauntingly ugly skeleton specters, who would roam the lands at night inflicting pain on the living. They were the forgotten souls of thieves, criminals, and sailors at sea who were not given a proper burial. The only way to keep them at bay was to preform rituals in your home during the spring. This began the Lemuria Festival. Part of the festival was a nightly ritual where the head of the household would walk around his or her home barefoot, tossing dried black beans over their shoulders and saying " with these beans I redeem me and mine". Bronze pots and pans would then be clashed together, creating a loud and disturbing sound that would drive the spirits from the home. After repeating for 4 days, would the home then be deemed cleansed and safe from harm.


Size: 11 x 13in 


Each print wil be individually packaged in a plastic sleeve, along with backing to insure no corners are bent. 

Lemures Print