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Mena Aklilu


all purchased items are packaged

with the customer in mind. Gloves

are worn at all times and all packaging  

stations are sanitized thoroughly 

if you have any questions and or concerns please feel free to contact me. 

Featured Art

" Vulpecula " is a faint constellation in the northern sky and is Latin for " little fox" . I took some time to find a fox that i could intertwine with the stars, and came across the silver haired fox. Its dark undercoat with a top layer of silver hairs couldn't have fit my dream any better.

Vulpecula is available as a print, sticker and Resin Print.


Upcoming Shows

Due to Covid-19 all shows have

been postponed or cancelled. 

With this unfortunate pandemic

any purchases are very much

appreciated !

Stay safe, 

Mena AKlilu

Self taught Seattle Artist, inspired by nature, intertwined with fantasy

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